Call me Kai!
I'm a 2D animation student (sophomore) at RMCAD. I got the hots for Marvel and Disney.
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This is what I’ve been up to. Some of my drawing 2 assignments and some unrelated school assignments. 

Been having the most busiest last few weeks of my life, last night topped it off but I won’t go into detail. 

Also, thank you to those who left their thoughts and comments on what I posted recently, i appreciate those who care enough to give me some words of wisdom when I couldn’t find my way. 

Hey everyone.
I know it’s been….a while since I’ve posted anything. Life has been very tough on me lately and it’s progressively getting worse each day.
I’m struggling with keeping motivation in my art, school, work, and even life in general. I just honestly can’t see any good outcomes for me anymore and it’s stressing me out. I’m getting sicker and sicker each day and soon I probably won’t have the strength to get out of my bed.

I guess this is my body telling me that I can’t handle all of this stuff at once, but I honestly can’t drop anything since I need to go to school and I need to have my job. 

Any forms of advice are welcome. It feels odd for me to ask for assistance with this since I usually keep this stuff to myself. I just need a better outlook on my life, because I’m scared. 

some paintings im gonna finish asap

Hellooooo everyone. 
So yeah, I’ve been super inactive for a long time. Work has been tiring and time consuming but hey I gotta make some money. 

Though I have some good news if people still bother looking at my art anyway haha, i start college in a little less than a month so I will finally have the time to sit down and draw! wow amazing.

Anywho, yep. I also appreciate those followers who manage to stay around even though I havent posted jack shit haha. You guys are great.

OH! Thanks for the belated birthday wishes too you guys. It means a lot. (: I had a nice 21st.


Happy Birthday, Kai! I hope you have the most amazing day in the whole world! :D Much love!

Thank you very much!!! :D My 21st birthday was definitely a blast.  

drew myself in an iron man suit cause why the hell not.

really pumped for Age of Ultron!!! 

My desks where in high need of cleaning and organization.

Sorry i haven’t posted any art like I promised, work has been pretty exhausting. :/ 


AVENGERS: Age of Ulton.

Just something I’m working on for someone special. (: 
Final drawing is being illustrated on 18in x 24in strathmore drawing paper.

Danny Phantom reboot anyone? yes/yes? 

ill post the color palette meme drawings over this following week. :3