Call me Kai!
I'm a 2D animation student (sophomore) at RMCAD. I got the hots for Marvel and Disney.
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some paintings im gonna finish asap

Hellooooo everyone. 
So yeah, I’ve been super inactive for a long time. Work has been tiring and time consuming but hey I gotta make some money. 

Though I have some good news if people still bother looking at my art anyway haha, i start college in a little less than a month so I will finally have the time to sit down and draw! wow amazing.

Anywho, yep. I also appreciate those followers who manage to stay around even though I havent posted jack shit haha. You guys are great.

OH! Thanks for the belated birthday wishes too you guys. It means a lot. (: I had a nice 21st.


Happy Birthday, Kai! I hope you have the most amazing day in the whole world! :D Much love!

Thank you very much!!! :D My 21st birthday was definitely a blast.  

drew myself in an iron man suit cause why the hell not.

really pumped for Age of Ultron!!! 

My desks where in high need of cleaning and organization.

Sorry i haven’t posted any art like I promised, work has been pretty exhausting. :/ 


AVENGERS: Age of Ulton.

Just something I’m working on for someone special. (: 
Final drawing is being illustrated on 18in x 24in strathmore drawing paper.

Danny Phantom reboot anyone? yes/yes? 

ill post the color palette meme drawings over this following week. :3

I’ve been so dead on tumblr lately. I got a few hours to spare so i could jazz it up with some doodles i suppose. :)

hey y’all. after some mighty encouragement from some of my friends, i finally have been able to sit down and watch some Attack on Titan.
I fell for Eren’s Titan form. Blast it.