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dear lorax fandom,

For the past few months, it seems, there has been a lot of unneeded drama circulating. Yes, drama is a natural thing to happen in any fandom but what is going on now (and has been for a while) is just really immature and childish.

I will put the rest in a read more. I’ll be explaining a lot and giving examples.

Let’s start off with ask blogs and pairings. 

Yes, there is a lot but this is perfectly fine. People are having fun and enjoying themselves and that is how fandoms should be. You also have ask blogs being paired together creating a canon ship and then a significant amount of people send hate to said blogs and also their mods. This is not okay. It should be common sense. 

It is natural in life to come across things you do not see in your favor and you despise seeing its presence around you BUT this doesn’t mean it is okay to whine and yell at people who like it just because you hate it. 

For example: Gent x Pimp. I’ve seen A LOT of hate being sent Gent’s way due to being paired with Pimp and claiming he ‘ruined’ the ask blog and also ‘ruined’ the fandom. 
I’ve seen excuses such as “they don’t fit well together” or “Pimp is better off with Wantsie and Oncie”. Do you see how silly this is? It should only matter if the mods are having fun. As i mentioned before: there will be things in a fandom that you will not like. It is normal and people have different likes and hates. This makes people unique. But going to blogs and bashing the hell out of them because you don’t like the canon pairing is really not acceptable. 
I have my share of things I don’t like in this fandom but I keep it to myself since I respect and care for everyone in it. Let people enjoy what they like in this fandom instead of yelling at them for having fun.

Now on the topic of someone ‘ruining’ a fandom. How can someone really ruin a fandom? A fandom is something that bring people together because they enjoy said film/game/show/music group/etc. Just because one person is doing something out of your favor does not mean they ruined the fandom. It simply means you ruined it for yourself. You hold too strongly on something and let it get the best to you and when something changes; you get hurt in the process. You need to know that things change. It’s a fact of life. If you kept the same thing going the entire time it would soon get boring. Change is good. So, seeing ask blogs being paired together and having a relationship is good to see. This would also be called character development, yes?

Okay. Now moving onto this matter. 

People who send this stuff need to stop. It’s good to make friends with whomever you like.. Whether if you draw or not or if someone is more recognized than the other. If you think “famous” artists should only become friends with “famous” artists then you have a shallow mind. 

Friendship shouldn’t be judged by art skill, writing skill/etc, or internet status. Friendship should only matter with the bond you have with said person. If you guys get along well, then that’s good! It just disgusts me how people judge others by their skill most of all.

Finally, I will just sum up hate generally as a whole. 

You know the mods of ask blogs have feelings too. Just because they are portraying a character doesn’t mean they are emotionless when hate is sent their way. Also sending hate to anyone really is just a big no. 
Have you ever thought over how this would make the person feel? What if they are feeling depressed or having troubles at home or anything along those lines? Does it make you feel better to make someone feel like shit because you don’t like something that they do? What if you caused them to hurt themselves or even worse? 
Generally, I believe is the haters is what makes people leave the fandom. I can say that this is the only fandom I’ve seen with all this hate and I can see why people leave it since it can be unbearable and people are just tired of seeing it all over their dash/inboxes. 

I wish people could see how foolish they are being when they send hate to others and see how inappropriate and wrong it is. It seems only a small percentage of the fandom is mature and respectful while the rest consists of immaturity.  

Here’s to hoping this makes people see the wrong and continue doing what’s right. 

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